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The GDMA was developed primarily as a scaling method for GroundWork Monitor installations. In simple terms, it is an agent that runs independently of the Nagios scheduler in GroundWork Monitor, and forwards the state of the monitored services on individual nodes to the GroundWork server using the NSCA protocol. The Nagios instance in GroundWork Monitor processes these results as passive checks. The configuration information for which services to run on which hosts, the monitoring thresholds, frequency, etc., are hosted on the GroundWork server with http or https and are retrieved by the GDMAs.

This section reviews both the *Auto-Registration* for GDMA and the new *Auto-Setup* for GDMA.
This section reviews the *Auto-Registration* method used for GDMA monitoring.

For detailed information expand !expand.jpg|alt="Expand icon",title="Expand icon"! *GDMA* in the navigation pane or select from the links below: