Cacti Graph Labels May Corrupt Status Viewer

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It's possible to create Cacti graph labels which perform well in Cacti but have bad effects in Status View. This may occur when you use the NMS suite to monitor interfaces under the Traffic Graphing Module (Cacti) for a Host which you subsequently import (synchronize) with Auto Import into Monarch and thus in to Foundation. 

Once a Host is present in both Foundation and Cacti, the hourly running of "" will collect the graph display commands associated with that Host from Cacti database and insert them into the HostStatusProperty and associated tables in Foundation. The operator can then drill in to the Status View, to that particular Host, and see all the graphs created by Nagios and Cacti in one place.

In Foundation the graph display commands are in the form of a url like these (the table has other entries, these are the important ones):

In the example the character string{code}\!\!Traffic - (HP Network Team){code} will create an issue because of the parentheses around HP Network Team. You would want to change the label in Cacti so there were no parentheses, and on the next running of the Cacti feeder find_cacti_graphs the new URL string would be written to Foundation. After that the graphs would all display correctly. It is very likely that other characters acceptable to Cacti might be a problem for Status View.