Installing or Upgrading GroundWork Monitor

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{note:title=Special Considerations}
* These instructions assume you are doing an in-place upgrade. If you wish to do a migration to a new server, please contact GroundWork Support for advice on your options and the trade-offs involved.
* Migration to a different machine may be required, if your current operating system version is no longer supported by GroundWork Monitor. See the OS Platform Requirements section in [System Requirements for 7.2.0|System Requirements].
* Some customers have additional add-on integrations installed (e.g., Ganglia Integration, AlertSite Integration, Webmetrics Integration, ServiceNow Integration, JIRA Integration, other helpdesk integrations). Special considerations apply in those cases. If these or other integrations or extensions were provided by GroundWork Professional Services, you must contact GroundWork Professional Services for advice. Otherwise, contact GroundWork Support for details.
* LDAP integration will NOT be reset by this upgrade unless you are using multiple endpoints, in which case you will need to follow the instructions described in post-upgrade tasks. Otherwise no action is needed post install to support LDAP configuration.