How to configure notifications using NoMa

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#* Then, select *add Escalation* toward the bottom of the screen and select the *Contacts* and or *Groups* to be notified and the *Methods* of communication.
#* As in the first notification, the *Notify after* number indicates when this notification should be escalated. An element in each of the _Contacts_, _Groups_, and _Methods_ lists is only associated with the present escalation +if its background is grayed+ which indicates it has been selected. To select a single element click on the element, to select more than one element use the _Control_, _Command_, or _Shift_ keys while making a selection.
#* Click *Save* to save the escalation. Add additional escalationa or click *Save* again to save the notification rule.
{note:title=Deleting Contacts Groups associated with Escalations}If you need to delete a contact group and it is associated with an escalation, you need to first delete the escalation, then delete the contact group. If you deleted a contact group that is associated with an escalation, this will cause a crash of the NoMa daemon and an error in the Debug Log.{note}

h6. Setting host and service notification commands