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# Click *Home* to return to the main Cloud Hub panel.
# Click *START* for the specific connector to begin the discovery and data collection process.
{tip}At anytime, if you decide you do not want to monitor a particular region, simply navigate back to this point (_GroundWork Administration_ > _GroundWork Cloud Hub_) and select _STOP_ for the corresponding connector, the connectors configuration will be maintained for a subsequent _START_. To stop and completely delete a connection see [FAQs: How to delete GroundWork Hub hosts|DOCDEV:How to delete hosts#deletecloudhubhosts].{tip}

The Cloudera Metrics page is where you customize the lists of metrics being gathered for a connection. Out of the box, a complete list of metrics is provided for clusters, hosts, and Cloudera services. You can customize these metric lists by adding metrics to the list, deleting metrics, as well as creating calculated metric fields called Synthetic metrics.