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h2. Welcome to GroundWork Connect
h1. Welcome to GroundWork Support

{section}{column:width=68%}Thank you for using GroundWork Monitor Enterprise, created by GroundWork Open Source, Inc. This page provides access to the GroundWork knowledge base for technical articles, product documentation, and the Case Manager for submitting and managing support tickets.

GroundWork Connect provides technical and support information while using or evaluating GroundWork Monitor Core or GroundWork Monitor Enterprise, and access to the GroundWork knowledge base.


* [Technical Bulletins|https://kb.groundworkopensource.com/display/SUPPORT/Technical+Bulletins]
* [Tech Tips|https://kb.groundworkopensource.com/display/SUPPORT/Tech+Tips] {color:#339966}{_}Recent update:_{color} _[Tech Tip #7 (11/2018) --- Using GDMA Auto-Setup for Windows Drive Letter Detection|https://kb.groundworkopensource.com/display/SUPPORT/Tech+Tip+-+Using+GDMA+Auto-Setup+for+Windows+Drive+Letter+Detection]_
* [Tech Tips|https://kb.groundworkopensource.com/display/SUPPORT/Tech+Tips]
* [Product Installation|https://kb.groundworkopensource.com/display/SUPPORT/Product+Installation]
* [Release Notes|https://kb.groundworkopensource.com/display/SUPPORT/Release+Notes]