GWME-7.1.0-2 - Archive Patch

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h1. Background

h1. Problem

The archive database in GroundWork Monitor 7.1.0 requires schema changes for regular archival to complete successfully. Consequently, archiving is broken in the 7.1.0 release. This affects both fresh installs of 7.1.0 and for upgrades to 7.1.0.

A secondary issue, is that archiving was overly aggressive removing records required for the Availability Graphs in Status Viewer to display properly after older data had been aged off.

h1. Solution

To address the above issues we are providing a patch. Bundled into this patch are upgraded archiving scripts that perform more selective delete operations in the runtime database, preserving the important data points even though they would have otherwise aged out.

This fix means the archiving software will no longer remove useful data, but by itself it does not replace the important data points which have previously been deleted from the runtime database.
$psql -W -U postgres -d archive_gwcollagedb -f $scriptdir/GWCollage-Version.sql
Do not worry about the following message that appears when you run the {{Archive_GWCollageDB_extensions.sql}} script:
NOTICE: constraint "host_hostname_key" of relation "host" does not exist, skipping
Archiving cycles cannot be run immediately back-to-back. The {{minimum_additional_hours_to_archive}} parameter in the {{config/log-archive-send.conf}} enforces a minimum delay period between cycles. This setting should not be altered as it will not achieve any speedup in the archival process.

After the steps listed above, daily archiving should run without error. If there number of records ready to be archived is of sufficient size, it should be expected that the first few runs of archiving may take a fair amount of time to run.

For safety reasons, records are not deleted from the runtime database until that data has lain in the archive database for a few days; this is controlled by the {{post_archiving_retention_days_for_messages}} and {{post_archiving_retention_days_for_performance_data}} configuration parameters in the {{config/log-archive-send.conf}} file. Normal operation will not require these settings to be changed.