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# Hover over the Hit List portlet and select the *pencil* icon.
# Make any desired changes to the preferences, such as refresh interval or default number of items to display. {note}For the *Refresh Interval*, the shorter the interval, the higher the impact of the dashboard on overall system performance. We recommend 60 seconds.
{note}You can also restrict a given instance of the Hit List to a specific host group, if you'd like. By default, it will show all issues system-wide. This default is enabled by putting entering --ALL-\- the following into the HostGroup field, the dashes are not needed for specifying any other host groups.{note} groups.{noformat}--ALL--{noformat}
# Next, select the *Access Permission* tab and *uncheck* the Public box to select roles and memberships for visibility. We suggest this dashboard be visible to Administrators and Operators, gw-monitoring-administrator and gw-monitoring-operator.
# *Save and Close* the portlet preferences.