Tech Tip 4 - Solid backup of monitoring server

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h4. Tech Tip #4 4 (03/2016) --- Making and testing a solid backup of your monitoring server

Your GroundWork Monitor (like any other application) may be subject to an unexpected failure. This stuff happens, and it always happens at the worst time. Like 5:45pm on a Friday night when you are leaving for a three-day weekend. Yes, we speak from sad experience. You might have a hardware failure, or if you are running virtual instances, just an outage at the hypervisor level. Often the cause is human error: an unintended action that deletes important files. No matter what the cause, when you find that GroundWork Monitor is no longer responsive, it may be necessary to put a new server or instance in place with the most recent image you can recover. If the outage is not a complete loss, a less extensive recovery may be sufficient, and while GroundWork support is here to help, you can give a a lot or a little to work with, and help us to get you great results.