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h5. Overview

{note}Last update: Nov 30th, 2018, 20 February 2019, with version 7.2.2-4108{note}

The Rollup Patch installer is a cumulative patch, and is a step closer to the "continuous deployment" method of updating. The patch installer is intended to be used independent of Technical bulletins, though some Technical Bulletins may depend upon the Rollup Patch already having been applied, and some of the code we supplied in Technical bulletins originally may be superseded in a given version of the Rollup Patch. Generally, we recommend applying the rollup patch first, then looking at the Technical bulletins and applying them as needed. The rollup only includes code, not data or configuration, and does no scripted updates, so for some things you will still need the Technical Bulletins, as they can apply scripted updates and make configuration changes.