GWME-7.2.1-05 Notification log retention

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You can optionally run the retention script by hand immediately if you want to get the performance benefit right away. You can also do a vacuum operation on the database to regain lost disk space and make things more efficient.
First consider adjusting the default setting in {noformat} /usr/local/groundwork/config/noma_retention.conf {noformat} from 90 days to what you want to have the retention be. Just edit the file and adjust the number as necessary.

To run the script by hand, log in and become the {{nagios}} user, then type:
/usr/local/groundwork/tools/noma_retention --logs
To run a vacuum operation, access the psql prompt as either the noma or postgres user, and type:
To run a vacuum operation afterwards, also as the nagios user, type:
\c noma
vacuum (full, analyze) notification_logs;
/usr/local/groundwork/postgresql/bin/psql -U noma -d noma -c 'vacuum (full, analyze) notification_logs'
The disk space will then be freed, and the table optimized.

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