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3rd Party Data Integration (GroundWork 7.1.1 Documentation)
Third Party Integration GroundWork Monitor can integrate data from other systems: The GroundWork Cloud Hub integrates monitoring of Docker, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, RHEV, VMware, NetApp, and Icinga 2. Typically the integration is done APItoAPI ...
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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring (GroundWork 7.2.0 Documentation)
Hybrid Cloud Monitoring This section reviews GroundWork Cloud Hub, a data collector agent specialized in gathering metrics from a variety of virtual environments and integrating them seamlessly into the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise system. GroundWork Cloud Hub currently supports ...
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Icinga2 (GroundWork 7.2.0 Documentation)
Overview This section reviews how to add and configure the Cloud Hub connector Icinga 2. Each connector requires a unique set of parameters (e.g. server url, credentials). You will need your GroundWork server and virtual environment connection parameters ...
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Icinga 2 (GroundWork 7.2.1 Documentation)
Overview This page covers how to add and configure the Icinga 2 connector using GroundWork Cloud Hub. The connection requires a unique set of parameters (e.g., endpoint, credentials). You will need your GroundWork server and virtual environment connector parameters ...
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Icinga 2 (GroundWork 7.1.1 Documentation)
Contents This page references the GroundWork Cloud Hub and the Icinga 2 virtualization environment. 1.0 Prerequisites 1.1 Enable the API The Icinga 2 system you run needs to have the API feature enabled. By default, it is not in the current version of Icinga 2 ...
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