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Assessing Groundwork Monitoring Server Performance
Contents Introduction This document is intended to help you assess your GroundWork Monitoring Server's performance. As the server's workload increases towards its upper range, certain functions will begin to manifest problematic behavior. Typical FirstNoticed Symptoms # One typical ...
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GWME-7.1.1-11 - Foundation update with Advanced LDAP
Problem Several performance and behavior issues have reported by customers in 7.1.1. These include GWMON12883 Virtualization dashboard does not show virtual hosts if they were previously monitored by Nagios. GWMON12950 Allow for passthrough queries in Rest API. Passthrough queries are prefixed ...
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My performance graphs all stopped working. What's wrong?
performance graphs are processed from data harvested from the Nagios system (or any other system that places data in the right place). They can fail to update if: # The configuration changes to disable them in some way # The system becomes overloaded (runs out ...
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