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Deleting hosts from Monarch without a web interface
Background There are some cases where it may be useful to use a command line interface for removing hosts out of the Monarch (or Configuration) subsystem of GroundWork Monitor. One particularly useful case is on a GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition system where hosts have ...
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How-to Determine and adjust your device count
Background GroundWork Monitor counts devices in the foundation database, rather than hosts in the configuration database. This means that the true count that is being compared against the license limit is the number of entries in the Device table in foundation, not the number of hosts. Devices can be created ...
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Your current license is approaching its validity limit
I've just run autodiscover, or added several hosts, or changed the IP addresses of several hosts, and now my system says that my license is "approaching it's validity limit". I know I do not have more than my licensed ...
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