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Assessing Groundwork Monitoring Server Performance
Contents Introduction This document is intended to help you assess your GroundWork Monitoring Server's performance. As the server's workload increases towards its upper range, certain functions will begin to manifest problematic behavior. Typical FirstNoticed Symptoms # One typical ...
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Configure sendEmail commands to use an existing smtp server
hostnotifybysendemail & servicenotifybysendemail commands use the sendEmail perl script to send email notifications. sendEmail has many options that can be used to configure sending email for more complex mail system requirements, including using an external smtp server ...
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Converting RRDs - 32-bit to 64-bit architecture migration
When migrating from 32bit to 64bit architecture, note that the 32bit RRDs are incompatible and need to be converted to the new architecture. This can be accomplished by converting the RRDs to XML format using the 32bit RRDTool binary and restoring the XML file using the 64bit architecture ...
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Deleting hosts from Monarch without a web interface
Background There are some cases where it may be useful to use a command line interface for removing hosts out of the Monarch (or Configuration) subsystem of GroundWork Monitor. One particularly useful case is on a GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition system where hosts have ...
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Frequently asked questions
Got a problem? You may find the answer here. We try to keep this updated with the top few questions we end up answering for customers
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How-to Determine and adjust your device count
Background GroundWork Monitor counts devices in the foundation database, rather than hosts in the configuration database. This means that the true count that is being compared against the license limit is the number of entries in the Device table in foundation, not the number of hosts. Devices can be created ...
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How-to Monitor a Windows Volume Mounted on a Path with GDMA
Background and the problem: It's possible to mount a volume under Windows and reference it via a directory path, as described in this Microsoft Technet Article  If you do that, though, you will need a way to monitor its specific disk ...
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How to reset the admin password
you forget the web interface password for the user "admin", you can reset it as follows: In 7.0.2 : To reset or change the password for users authenticated against the GroundWork jbossidm database, run the following command: /etc/init.d/groundwork stop gwservices psql ...
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How to reset the portal pages database in 6.x
possible to set permissions and pages up so that no one can log in. If this happens, it's necessary to reset the portal database to defaults. This is a procedure for doing so. To do this, from a root shell: # /etc/init.d/groundwork stop gwservices then from a root mysql ...
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How to set up SSH access on UNIX hosts
document describes the process of setting up the SSH connection for running plugins from the Nagios component of GroundWork. Once in place, you can easily monitor many aspects of your UNIX hosts as long as they are running SSH. <h2>Setting up ...
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