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Cacti Graph Labels May Corrupt Status Viewer
possible to create Cacti graph labels which perform well in Cacti but have bad effects in Status View. This may occur when you use the NMS suite to monitor interfaces under the Traffic Graphing Module (Cacti) for a Host which ...
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How to add interface operational status checks
Contents Background One of the challenges of monitoring is avoiding receiving too many alarms for a particular incident. While receiving multiple alarms for different services affected by one failure can help you understand the magnitude or impact of an incident, more ...
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Setting up a Hyperlink from Status to Cacti Graphs
Contents Summary GroundWork has created an extension to the Status application to allow direct access to the Cacti screens for displaying a large number of performancedata graphs for a host. This is done via a link in Status, in the "Related Links" section of the status information page ...
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