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GWME-7.1.1-10 - Updated NoMa fixes
patch supersedes the "GWME7.1.19 NoMa fixes" patch, and includes all the fixes that were included in that patch. Problem NoMa has been found to have a few bugs affecting the reliable delivery of notifications. GWMON10653: Monarch seed data for host and service ...
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GWME-7.1.1-11 - Foundation update with Advanced LDAP
Problem Several performance and behavior issues have reported by customers in 7.1.1. These include GWMON12883 Virtualization dashboard does not show virtual hosts if they were previously monitored by Nagios. GWMON12950 Allow for passthrough queries in Rest API. Passthrough queries are prefixed ...
Other labels: tb, performance, ldap
GWME-7.1.1-12 - Tomcat 6.0.53
Problem GroundWork 7.1.1 includes Tomcat 6.0.32 which has been noted as having vulnerabilities. This patch upgrades Tomcat to 6.0.53. Customers running 7.1.1 that need to be compliant with PCI Net regulations, among others, need to upgrade. Solution Apply ...
Other labels: tb, tomcat, josso
GWME-7.1.1-13 - LDAP Fix Where Group has Empty Alias or Description Field
Problem GroundWork 7.1.1 LDAP is not happy with AD which includes groups where certain attributes like "description" or "alias" include empty values. These groups are often some in the AD tree that coincidentally contain the GW users, and do not have to be the GW ...
Other labels: tb, tomcat, josso
GWME-7.1.1-4 - Nagios 4.3.1
Problem Several security issues have been logged against the older version of Nagios that has been included in GroundWork Monitor. While these are generally difficult to trigger, and the vectors for some of them are not even available in the GroundWork context, it seemed sensible to provide ...
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GWME-7.1.1-6 - LDAP Global Catalog
patch was moved to a rollup patch and released as GWME7.1.111 Foundation update with Advanced LDAP
Other labels: tb, ldap
GWME-7.1.1-7 - Update RAPID library timeout for REST queries
Problem The RAPID perl module is used for a number of components that talk to our REST API. It is also used in some customer code as well. Some REST calls are by nature expensive and take longer than the default timeout in the RAPID library. When ...
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GWME-7.1.1-8 - Status Viewer auto-refresh
Deprecated Please install GWME7.1.111 Foundation update with Advanced LDAP instead. Problem In its default configuration, the Groundwork Enterprise status viewer is designed to reflect current status updates with a minimal amount of time lag between an actual update ...
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GWME-7.1.1-9 - NoMa fixes
Deprecated Please install GWME7.1.110 Updated NoMa fixes instead. Problem NoMa has been found to have a few bugs affecting the reliable delivery of notifications. GWMON10961: The {{fas.executor.interrupt}} property should be present in our standard {{}} file. GWMON12574 ...
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