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How to cleanup configuration
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to manage hosts">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview This page reviews Configuration Maintenance for GroundWork Monitor including cleanup for devices, services, and externals, and the ability to remove all unused services by date. You ...
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How to delete a portal page
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to delete a portal page">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview Portal page administration is managed by a Portal Administrator (e.g., {{root}}/{{root}}) and is accessed from the toolbar option Group > Site Editor. A Portal ...
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How to delete a shared dashboard
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to delete a shared dashboard">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview Deleted dashboard pages are NOT recoverable. This change is permanent. There are two parts to removing a shared dashboard, you will need to remove the portal page itself ...
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How to delete NagVis maps
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to delete NagVis maps">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview The deletion of maps should be performed within the GroundWork portal versus the file system. If you do remove maps using the file system ...
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How to uninstall GroundWork Monitor
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to uninstall GroundWork Monitor">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview The uninstall process removes GroundWork Monitor Enterprise and deletes the remaining artifacts of {{/usr/local/groundwork}}. Specifically, the {{/usr/local/groundwork/users ...
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