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Configuring Event Console
Overview This section reviews custom configuration for the GroundWork Monitor Event Console application. CONTENTS RELATED RESOURCES Event Console WAS THIS PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" Event Console">Leave Feedback</a> 1.0 Configuring Audible Alarms ...
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How to apply status filters
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to apply status filters">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview The Filters portlet is available at the entire network, host group, service group, and host status levels. This feature enables specific host states ...
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How to use Includes and Excludes filters in NoMa
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to use Includes and Excludes filters in NoMa">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview In the Hosts and Services section of a notification rule, you can specifically indicate which hosts, host groups, services, service ...
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