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About Business
Overview This section reviews the Business Service Monitoring (BSM) application located under the Business option in GroundWork Monitor along with SLA Management and SLA Reports. CONTENTS RELATED RESOURCES Monitoring Methods WAS THIS PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" ...
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Business Service Monitoring This section covers the GroundWork Monitor Business option including Business Service Monitoring, SLA Management, and SLA Reports. For detailed information expand&nbsp; !expand.jpg! Business in the navigation pane or select from the links below
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How to create a BSM group
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to create a BSM Group">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview This is an example of creating and managing a BSM group. Steps Configuring BSM group settings From the View groups screen you can ...
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How to generate SLA reports
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to generate SLA reports">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview This is an example of generating SLA&nbsp;reports. Steps How to Generate SLA Reports SLA reports provide a look at the contract items and show ...
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How to SLA management
PAGE HELPFUL? <a href=" to SLA Management">Leave Feedback</a> \\ \\ Overview This is an example of creating and managing a BSM group. Steps How To Create a New SLA A Service Level Agreement (SLA) contains a calendar to manage ...
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Visualization and Analysis
Visualization and Analysis This section covers the various GroundWork Monitor data visualization tools including Dashboards for centralized status and system information, Event Console for event monitoring, Status which provides visualization and manageability of monitoring data, Business Services Managemen ...
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