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GWME-7.1.0-1 - Removing duplicate host entries in gwcollagedb database prior to upgrade from (Support)
Issue Previous versions of GroundWork Monitor allowed the addition of hosts in the gwcollage database which differed only in case but not in spelling. For example it was permitted to have both localhost and LOCALHOST as separate identities. In 7.0.2 SP03 and 7.1 this is not valid. These duplicate hostnames must ...
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GWME-7.1.0-2 - Archive Patch (Support)
Background This patch applies to GroundWork Monitor 7.1.0. Problem The archive database in GroundWork Monitor 7.1.0 requires schema changes for regular archival to complete successfully. Consequently, archiving is broken in the 7.1.0 release. This affects both fresh installs of 7.1.0 and for upgrades ...
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GWME-7.1.0-3 - Token management (Support)
Problem Some applications or customer code which use the REST API do not always logout and release their authorization tokens. Eventually the number of available tokens is exhausted and subsequent token requests fail causing the UI to become unavailable or applications to display ...
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GWME-7.1.0-4 - Downtime scheduling patch (Support)
Problem The downtime scheduling tools deny access to users who are in more than one membership. This issue was tracked in GWMON12486. Solution We have provided an updated war file which fixed the access issue. Download the patch and extract ...
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GWME-7.1.0-5 - feeder library update (Support)
Problem Some applications or customer code which use the REST API do not always logout and release their authorization tokens. With the addition of GWME7.1.03 Token management it was identified that the RAPID feeder library that ships with Groundwork sometimes leaked tokens. This update includes ...
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GWME-7.1.0-6 - LDAP Patch (Support)
Problem When groundwork is connected to ldap, there are 3035 ldap calls made out to the LDAP servers.  This was causing slowness, sometimes up to 5 minutes connection time when opening cacti web interface, and other applications that are not part of the core ...
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GWME-7.1.0-8 - NoMa fixes (Support)
Problem NoMa has been found to have a few bugs affecting the reliable delivery of notifications. GWMON10653: Monarch seed data for host and service notify by NoMa commands are missing GWMON10961: The {{fas.executor.interrupt}} property should be present in our standard {{ ...
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