How to delete a shared dashboard


1.0 About Removing a Shared Dashboard

Deleted dashboard pages are NOT recoverable. This change is permanent. There are two parts to removing a shared dashboard, you will need to remove the portal page itself and also the named node. This is demonstrated in the video and how to steps below.

2.0 How To Steps

  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as the root user.
  2. Hover over Group and select Portal Administration and Page Management.

    Figure: Page Management
  3. Find the portal page you want to delete, it's most likely located at the bottom of the list. Select the trashcan icon next to that page to remove and confirm. You CANNOT un-delete deleted pages.

    Figure: Delete dashboard page
  4. The next and last step is to remove the node that was created for this page. Hover over Group and select Portal Administration and Portal Navigation.

    Figure: Portal Navigation
  5. Select Edit Navigation, right click on the portal page to remove, and select Delete Node. Confirm the deletion, scroll down and click Save.

    Figure: Delete Node
  6. If you login as say user you will see that the dashboard page no longer displays within the Dashboards.

    Figure: Dashboard page removed