7.2.1 Release Notes for EE


This document contains important information about the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.2.1 release.

This is where we discuss changes made since 7.2.0. The 7.2.1 release of GroundWork Monitor fixes many existing issues, adds a few new features, and enhances several areas. It is a minor upgrade from 7.2.0, and is recommended for 7.1.1 and 7.2.0 users.

The new features and improvements in GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1 include:




SECTION I: Features and Improvements

Cloud Hub
GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agent (GDMA)
Configuration (Monarch)
Performance Data Handling

We have extended the perf-data processing to allow sending to multiple Foundation REST API endpoints. This facility may find use in some advanced distributed monitoring setups.


As of 7.2.0, we have included Grafana for creating graphical dashboard displays. Grafana can do much more than this, and we have updated to the 5.1.3 version in 7.2.1, so you can now access several more features:

SLAs and SLA Dashboards

Perhaps the most radical change in this release of GroundWork is SLA management and SLA dashboards. These facilities are not available in the GroundWork Monitor Core edition, and require a commercial license.
SLA management can use any GroundWork Service as a base, though it works best when paired with Business Service Management (BSM). With SLA management, you can track compliance with many different SLAs. Compliance is as measured by GroundWork Monitor, and any other sources you input.
SLA Dashboards are a new way to display data in GroundWork Monitor, specifically for SLA compliance measures. The dashboards are highly flexible and can be adapted to many scenarios.

Component Upgrades

With the release of GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1, many components have been upgraded to the latest available versions. The following list shows the new version of the key components that have been updated in this release:

SECTION II: Known Issues and Limitations

Installation Issues
Upgrade Issues
Limitations and Work-arounds

SECTION III: Announcements as of Version 7.2.1

Supported versions of GroundWork
Linux supported versions

The versions of Linux now supported by GroundWork have changed. See the System Requirements for details. If you try to install GroundWork 7.2.1 on an unsupported version it will warn you, but it will allow you to proceed. This warning does not appear when using unattended mode in the installer.

Supported architectures
Browser compatibility

SECTION IV: Details of Fixed Issues Since Release 7.2.0

This release incorporates the usual assortment of bug fixes. For a full listing, please contact GroundWork support. A partial listing of the most relevant (from a user perspective) issues fixed are listed here. If you want to know if a particular issue you have reported is fixed in GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1, please see your support case where you reported it, or contact support with your question.

Key Summary Component(s)
CLOUDHUB-328 When connectors are stopped, status of hosts becomes "not available or not applicable"  
CLOUDHUB-350 Snapshot services are inconsistent  
CLOUDHUB-352 Prefix and multiple clusters not working as expected  
CLOUDHUB-356 Lots of error messages in framework log when VM is turned off  
CLOUDHUB-360 Update older UIs to latest Cloud Hub UI technology  
CLOUDHUB-361 Allow AIM Role instead of AccessKey/Secret Key  
CLOUDHUB-362 Change the user interface for better workflow  
CLOUDHUB-363 Add option to group by Resource Group if present  
CLOUDHUB-365 Connecting to Cloudera fails  
GDMA-256 GDMA log files grow without limit Linux Solaris Windows
GDMA-396 GDMA uses a version of OpenSSL with vulnerabilities that concern the customer Windows
GDMA-414 64-bit Windows GDMA Windows
GDMA-422 Windows installer does not support specifying the account the GDMA service will run under Windows
GDMA-427 Eventlog Error when querying WMI counters with > 32 cores  
GWMON-3140 Status viewer will not display a performance graph if the associated service has a colon in the service name Status Viewer
GWMON-7220 Repeated "Network Connection Interrupted" error JBoss Portal
GWMON-7847 Default email addresses for portal users should not use @portal.com JBoss Portal
GWMON-8146 The Check period field does not display in any Host details screen of Monarch Configuration
GWMON-8974 /usr/local/groundwork/core/services/ feeders have supervise directory set to root Build Process
GWMON-9041 Provide the ability to create menu sub pages deeper than 2 levels Administration JBoss Portal
GWMON-9324 Auto suppress alerts caused by monitoring of services being interrupted by a configuration push Configuration GDMA Linux Child Server Windows Child Server
GWMON-9355 Really large messages cause event portlet to have a horizontal scrollbar Status Viewer
GWMON-9396 CGISESSID is not managed cleanly by JBoss and Monarch across user logins Configuration
GWMON-9431 Cacti Automation Schema, 'Cacti Host Profile Sync 2.1.0' should have Default host profile- 'cacti-host' selected  
GWMON-9481 Logging out redirects to sugnout URL, makes logging in again from the same screen fail JBoss Portal
GWMON-9499 FireFox: After logging out , user is not allowed to log in back using back button in browser Home
GWMON-9504 Status viewer "Related Links" display issue Status Viewer
GWMON-9592 Different colors for the navigation bars JBoss Portal
GWMON-9599 GWDIAGS missing some useful data  
GWMON-9610 Allow portal timeout to be set per user JBoss Portal
GWMON-9628 Status viewer text exceeds box when scaling text size in Firefox 3.6 using ctrl - + and ctrl - - Status Viewer
GWMON-9710 contact_group assignment is being made even though there are no overrides being assigned Advance Reports
GWMON-9799 Cacti has some missing URLS NMS - Cacti
GWMON-9813 Role restriction display problems Administration
GWMON-9850 remoterrd Graph Image returns text/plain rather than image/png Web Services
GWMON-10092 When setting up a host - make all host template options available to override Configuration
GWMON-10199 Schema differences between setup table and monarch_group_props table Configuration
GWMON-10216 nagios feeder should submit valid xml to foundation Foundation
GWMON-10364 Added user not showing up in search user field, broswer caching issue  
GWMON-10381 Performance Graphs in Status viewer fail to render Foundation Status Viewer
GWMON-10421 check_oracle_db perl interpreter is set to #!/usr/bin/perl instead of /usr/local/groundwork/perl/bin/perl  
GWMON-10426 Installer in GUI mode throws exception on command line Installer
GWMON-10446 State retention file is not updated when host alias is changed for an existing host Nagios
GWMON-10449 Default GroundWork LDAP roles cannot be configurable, customized or renamed JBoss Portal
GWMON-10480 Delete and Reset the Foundation Database - does not work and has documentation errors Documentation
GWMON-10481 Implement Auto Registration for GDMA/JDMA Configuration
GWMON-10580 Create portlet to expose Cloud Hub UI to administrator JBoss Portal
GWMON-10591 Store Nagios performance data for hosts and services in Foundation so that it is available through Web Service calls Foundation
GWMON-10647 Adding the same NoMa user twice results in a big page of SQL errors. NoMa
GWMON-10977 Configuration Reports do not correctly show all services on hosts, or services  
GWMON-11004 Reports broken with Firefox version 17 and up Reports
GWMON-11015 Date range is not adjusted up to year '2000' in 'Performance View' as per the validation message Reports
GWMON-11357 server-side GDMA spool logfile should be rotated Configuration
GWMON-11364 NoMa SQLite DB issues NoMa
GWMON-11536 Portal seed data for Firstname and Lastname for users wsuser and gdma is invalid  
GWMON-11647 Groundwork Portal modules display errors/exceptions when logged in through root user Authentication/Authorization
GWMON-11766 Security improvements - update Cacti feeder and any ws_client.properties dependent components to read encrypted passwords NMS
GWMON-11777 HRA performance data causing a hang in the perf data processor Performance
GWMON-11867 Ability to assign non-Nagios hosts to hostgroups Foundation
GWMON-11870 The portal session timeout is not configurable JBoss Portal
GWMON-11984 Backup utility can segfault BitRock
GWMON-12077 Improve performance to LDAP migration script Upgrades
GWMON-12146 BSM hosts never recover in Seurat View portlet Dashboards
GWMON-12568 Searching for host in Event Console returns no events for some hosts  
GWMON-12569 Reinstate Host Group Tag for OpenTSDB Perf Data Foundation
GWMON-12575 OpenTSDB Perf Data Resource not Cleaning Host/Service Names on Read Foundation Status Viewer
GWMON-12576 NoMa does not work if GroundWork is configured to run on a separate database server NoMa
GWMON-12580 Cloud Hub fails if merge hosts is on, and a host with the same name exists in VMware and AWS Cloud
GWMON-12581 Deletion of VMware hosts and services fails when VMware connector is removed fails in some circumstances Cloud
GWMON-12583 Status viewer kicks back to the login screen Status Viewer
GWMON-12653 Service groundwork fails to restart after reboot operation on SUSE machine  
GWMON-12816 setenv.sh variable setting creates a security hole BitRock Configuration
GWMON-13109 check_casper.js script doesn't handle WARNING and CRITICAL values correctly Nagios
GWMON-13116 Cloud Hub not removing hosts, hostgroups, and services added when Cloud Hub is disabled  
GWMON-13125 BIZ API does not honor APPTYPE ownership for HostStatus updates  
GWMON-13273 grafbridge-control -import_rrds fails with SSL enabled GrafBridge
GWMON-13274 "Interval" not being respected during a perfdata GET operation Foundation
GWMON-13284 check_http lacks support for TLSv1.2 Plugins
GWMON-13285 openssl missing TLS 1.2 cyphers Tools
GWMON-13290 Install remote PostgreSQL server shows errors around Grafana server GrafBridge Installer Packaging
GWMON-13291 CVE2017-3737 OpenSSL can pass unencrypted data if SSL_read() called after fatal error in handshake  
GWMON-13296 PostgreSQL Data Source for Grafana is missing GrafBridge
GWMON-13300 Grafana graph of serivce-group shows every service twice / no host identification on single services Foundation
GWMON-13303 groundwork python requires a tmp directory not mounted noexec Build Process
GWMON-13314 Default Data Source for Grafana panels "should" have Data Source consistently to set to "default" GrafBridge
GWMON-13321 RESTAPIACCESSREADER token is changed on upgrade to GW 7.2.1 Dashboards
GWMON-13323 "HTTP Status 500" is observed on "GroundWork Cloud Hub page" Administration
GWMON-13330 Import RRD to InfluxDB failed with message "partial write: points beyond retention policy dropped=18964" GrafBridge
GWMON-13332 LDAP auth and auth works for some users and not for others JBoss Portal
GWMON-13338 NoMa does not allow creation of new contacts NoMa
GWMON-13342 Adding NoMa Notification Rule with escalation causes invalid sql error NoMa
GWMON-13344 Create Notification button in NoMa produces a 500 error NoMa
GWMON-13345 The portal may fail to start when using PostgreSQL 9.6.8 Foundation
GWMON-13351 GrafBridge RRD import destroys existing InfluxDB data for host/service  
GWMON-13355 grafbridge-control script fails when adding datasource during upgrade GrafBridge
GWMON-13356 Add nfdump and associated utilities to GWMEE NMS - NeDi
GWMON-13357 Installing new Grafana panels in GroundWork Monitor path for plugins incorrect Grafbridge
GWMON-13359 Need to be able to send perf data to multiple REST API endpoints Parent-Child Performance Primary-Standby
GWMON-13360 Remove Recurring Downtimes menu item Configuration
GWMON-13361 Combine "Repeat" option into "Add downtime" and remove "Add single downtime" for Host, Host Group, and Service Group downtime Configuration
GWMON-13362 Scheduled current and repeat downtime should display as Active and Recurring in List Downtimes Configuration
GWMON-13363 Misc Configuration > Downtimes visual fixes Configuration
GWMON-13372 Business > SLA Management > Downtimes (SLA relevant), Error 500 received  
GWMON-13375 Change portal menu items for RSTools and other screens Configuration Dashboards JBoss Portal Upgrades
GWMON-13382 Further restrict file permissions Configuration
GWMON-13387 gwdiags - add application-users.properties Tools
GWMON-13388 gwdiags - fix netstat output to be numeric Tools
GWMON-13391 Log List does not list times  
GWMON-13411 /etc/logrotate.d/groundwork-fping should be owned by root Configuration

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