29.0 License API


29.0 License API

29.1 License Check

The license check API can be used to validate the server license and/or to see if new devices can be allocated before exceeding license count. The returned license check object contains the status check results and current device counts.

29.1.1 Method: GET License Check

GET /api/license/check

GET /api/license/check?allocate=5

29.1.2 Query Parameters
Field Type Description Required
allocate Query Number of devices to test allocate. False
29.1.3 HTTP Headers
Header Valid Values Required
Accept application/xml or application/json True
GWOS-API-TOKEN a valid token returned from login True
GWOS-APP-NAME your application name True
29.1.4 HTTP Status Codes
Code Description
200 License check returned
401 Authentication/authorization error occurred
500 An internal server error occurred while processing license check
29.1.5 Example Responses

Here is an XML example of the license check returned. XML result is always a single object and is thus not wrapped.

<licenseCheck success="true" message="OK to allocate 5 devices" devicesRequested="5" devices="1"/>

Here is a JSON example of the license check returned. JSON result is returned as a single object.

  "success" : true,
  "message" : "OK to allocate 0 devices",
  "devicesRequested" : 0,
  "devices" : 1