Using the 32-bit PAE kernel can cause JAVA errors

32-bit linux supports a kernel modification (PAE) that allows addressing of greater than 4GB of RAM. Java, however, does not function well under this kernel, and GroundWork does not support PAE kernels.


32-bit Linux can address up to 4GB of RAM, however many modern computers have more. This can be addressed with 64-bit Linux, or with 32-bit Linux using a PAE kernel. 


Java has multiple problems starting and running under PAE kernels. GroundWork in particular will not run well at all in this configuration.


Recommended: install 64-bit Linux and 64-bit GroundWork.

Alternative: install 32-bit linux with the standard kernel, and 32-bit GroundWork. Do not allow java to use 2gb of RAM in this situation.


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