Upgrading from CE - Updating Auto Discovery methods

If you upgrade from Community Edition (CE) to Enterprise Edition (EE), you will see the old CE discovery definition:

This is partly by design: we did not wish to replace an existing definition that may have been edited.

You can create the GroundWork-Discovery-Pro definition that comes in EE with the following procedure:

Edit the CE version of the discovery schema, and rename the Nmap TCP discovery method to "Nmap TCP Community" and the SNMP discovery method to "SNMP Community".
Create a new discovery schema with the following settings:

Parameter Value
name GroundWork-Discovery-Pro (or whatever you would like)
description Basic discovery for GroundWork Monitor Professional, using Nmap TCP and SNMP
automation schema GroundWork-Discovery-Pro
control type Interactive
template GroundWork-Default-Pro

This will create the EE version of the discovery schema, and bring in the EE versions of the Nmap TCP and SNMP discovery methods. Any local customization that the site has done to the old setup (e.g., a local community string in the SNMP discovery method) can then be applied.


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