Timing adjustments for running the web interface over slow links


Sometimes it is necessary to access the web interface over very slow links, such as international WAN lines, or slow VPNs. 

While initial operation will give you data on the pages, after a while, you may see dropped connection messages on the Status viewer or Event console applications, if your link is slow enough. 


Adjust the retires for the status and event console applications:

1) stop gwservices:

/etc/init.d/groundwork stop gwservices
This will log out all users.

2) Copy StatusViewer /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/webapps/jboss/jboss-portal.sar/portal-statusviewer.war to a tmp directory (e.g /tmp/status)
3) Copy Event Console /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/webapps/jboss/jboss-portal.sar/portal-console.war to a tmp directory (e.g /tmp/console)
4) cd to the temp directory:

cd /tmp/status

5) Extract the WAR file:

 jar xf portal-statusviewer.war

6) edit web.xml:

vi WEB-INF/web.xml

7) Insert the following XML fragment after line 20:


8) Save the web.xml file.
9) Delete the file /tmp/status/portal-statusviewer.war
10) Repackage the war file:

jar cf ../portal-statusviewer.war
This will create a new war file.

11) Copy the war file you created into place:

cp portal-statusviewer.war /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/webapps/jboss/jboss-portal.sar/

12) start gwservices

/etc/init.d/groundwork start gwservices

Repeat steps 4-9 for portal-console.war


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