Tech Tip 6 - Branding Login Page

Tech Tip 6 (12/2016) — Branding your login page

Your marketing and brand people worked hard on your company logo and tag line, so why not have it show up on the GroundWork Monitor login page? It will inspire confidence and trust, and let everyone who logs in know you have made this GroundWork installation belong in your infrastructure.

The default login page for GroundWork has this image:

You can use the simple steps here to replace it with an image of your choosing.

First, figure out what image you want, and size it appropriately. The default image is 433 wide by 81 high, so you should use this size with a white background to blend well. You can just download this image and modify it, if you like. It can be a fun little task to get your logo looking right at 72 dpi and the size and shape you need. If you use a graphics program like GIMP, you can easily adjust size and shape, resolution, etc., and add text or other graphics.

Truck image by Limtu (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to combine your logo with GroundWork's, you can, but you need to ask us for permission in writing. No big deal, we just want to keep the copyright lawyers happy.

Once you have it looking right, export it to a .gif file with your graphics program (e.g. my_logo.gif)

Transfer it to the GroundWork server, and change the owner and group to the nagios user:

chown nagios.nagios my_logo.gif

Next, copy it into place, replacing the existing file at:

cp my_logo.gif /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/resources/img/logo-gwos-enterprise.gif

Restart the apache server in GroundWork:

service groundwork restart apache

Point your browser to the groundwork login page to view your changes.


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