Resetting your GWCollageDB

If, while attempting to cleanup your devices, you end up with bunch of Java Exceptions in the user interface, then you might want to start with afresh GWCollageDB. This will dump any historical data you have, but it will enable you to run a commit cleanly and get back to collecting metrics.

To reset your GWCollageDB follow these steps:

  • Download the clean GWCollageDB
  • Import the clean GWCollageDB and restart gwservices:
    source /usr/local/groundwork/scripts/
    /etc/init.d/groundwork stop gwservices
    mysql -ucollage -pgwrk GWCollageDB < 6.1-gwcollage.sql
    /etc/init.d/groundwork start gwservices
  • Log back into the web interface
  • Run a commit


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