Linux Plugin Packages for SSH monitoring

SSH-based monitoring plugins

You may use these packages of compiled plugins for SSH-based monitoring on hosts that you want to monitor with GroundWork. These packages are for generic Linux hosts. Most Linux variants will work. All the required libraries and Perl modules are included.

To set up:

  1. Download the tar.gz package and the install script for your architecture (choose 32 or 64 bit).
  2. Copy the package and the script to the / directory on the host you wish to monitor (not the GroundWork server!)
  3. As user root (or equivalent) type:
     chmod +x


     chmod +x
  4. As user root (or equivalent) type:
     ./ nagios 


     ./ nagios 


  1. You may have the user nagios or other created. Script accommodates. Assumes /home is the location.
  2. You have enough disk space to store the plugins and libraries (about 80 MB)
  3. Your installed Linux uses bash, and has paths that are compatible with GroundWork.


This package installs all the libraries needed to run the plugins, as well as the plugins themselves. It also installs it's own copy of Perl, so if you add or modify these plugins, keep this in mind. Adding a Perl module to the system Perl, for example, will have no effect on plugins that reference the installation in /usr/local/groundwork.

The installer scripts have been updated to

  1. test that you supplied a username
  2. not add the user if it exists
  3. unpack the tar into the /usr/local/groundwork location
  4. make a link in the user home directory to the plugins location

The plugins are not current. A future update will include the latest and the version of perl that supports them.

You can choose a different user name than "nagios" if you set up the GroundWork services to use a different name. The profiles included with GroundWork monitor all use "nagios" by default.

This is the install script (64-bit version):

if [ ! $1 ] ; then
echo need username as an argument "./ nagios" for example
tar zxvf lin64plugs_2.1.tar.gz  -C /
if ! id $1 ; then
useradd $1
chown -R $1.$1 /usr/local/groundwork
mv /usr/local/groundwork/nagios.bashrc /home/$1/.bashrc
ln -s /usr/local/groundwork/nagios/libexec /home/$1/libexec
Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
ZIP Archive lin32plugs_2.1.tar.gz 22.96 MB Thomas Stocking Jun 11, 2010 15:21    
ZIP Archive lin64plugs_2.1.tar.gz 24.21 MB Thomas Stocking Jun 11, 2010 15:28    
File 0.3 kB Hans Kriel Oct 05, 2014 12:08    
File 0.3 kB Hans Kriel Oct 05, 2014 12:08    


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