How to disable a portal application


Some users do not want to use some of the provided applications and would like to remove them from being visible in the UI


For this document we will use Cacti as the example application to disable from the UI.

  1. First you will need to login as the portal administrator. The default user is root but if you changed this, you will need to use the updated user account.
  2. Go to Portal Navigation
  3. Select Edit Navigation.
  4. Scroll down to Advanced and expand the + symbol. Then Right click the Network Graphing item and select Delete Node
  5. Do the same for the Network Map which is also part of Cacti.
  6. Now we want to replace the Cacti portlet as the default on the Advanced tab. Right click the Advanced tab and select Edit Node's Page
  7. Hover over the Cacti portlet placeholder and click the red X and confirm the deletion.
  8. Now use the Page Editor to drag the NMS Nedi portlet from the Groundwork Portlets to the empty page template.
  9. Add permissions so that the new portlet is visible when users click on Advanced. The default is Groundwork Administrators and *.
  10. Click the save button symbol on the top of the Page Editor.
  11. Click Save at the bottom of the Portal Navigation dialog.
  12. Open the User and Group Management window.
  13. Select Membership Management and then the edit button symbol next to a Membership that has access to Cacti. Uncheck the box next to Cacti and then save.
  14. This should be repeated for each Membership that has the box for Cacti checked.
  15. You can now log in as a user other than root and navigate to the Advanced tab. You should no longer see the pages for Network Graphing and Network Map. Also the default portlet for Advanced should now be Nedi.
  16. Since we are no longer using the cacti application, it makes sense to also disable related processes like the cronjob and feeder:
    run as root
    crontab -l -u nagios | sed -e '/cacti/s/^/#/' | crontab -u nagios -
    touch /usr/local/groundwork/core/services/feeder-cacti/down
    /usr/local/groundwork/common/bin/svc -d /usr/local/groundwork/core/services/feeder-cacti/
    mv /usr/local/groundwork/config/{,.disabled}
  17. As a final step you can block apache from proxying requests to these URI's by adding a Location block to the httpd.conf:
    <Location */nms-cacti/*>
        Order deny,allow
        deny from all

    This will require a restart of apache to take affect.

    run as root
    service groundwork restart apache
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