GWME-7.1.1-1 - LDAP Patch

Deprecated - Please install GWME-7.1.1-11 - Foundation update with Advanced LDAP instead.


When groundwork is connected to ldap, there are 30-35 ldap calls made out to the LDAP servers.  This was causing slowness, sometimes up to 5 minutes connection time when opening cacti web interface, and other applications that are not part of the core groundwork product.

This problem has been tracked under GWMON-12850. This patch was designed to be compatible with both 7.1.0 and 7.1.1 and is referred to here GWME-7.1.0-6 - LDAP Patch.


Caching was developed into the code to catch any ldap objects after initial call, this stops any additional calls out to ldap that are not necessary after the initial load.  After putting this change in place, user permission changes will not be affected until a browser session times out or is closed.

Automated Installation and rollback Instructions:


Step 1: Download patch

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Step 2: Unzip the tar to a location that is accessible

Step 3: Elevate terminal to root

Step 4: Run the install file inside the folder.

Step 5: Follow the prompts.

Manual Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Download installation package, unzip and place in accessible location.

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Step 2: Stop Groundwork

/usr/local/groundwork/ stop gwservices

Step 3: Create backup folder in the unzipped package directory.

 mkdir gwbackupconfig

Step 4: Copy module.xml into backup folder

 cp -f /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/modules/org/gatein/sso/main/module.xml gwbackupconfig

Step 5: Copy josso-ldap-identitystore-gwpatch-7.1.0.jar into backup folder

 cp -f /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/WEB-INF/lib/josso-ldap-identitystore-gwpatch-7.1.0.jar gwbackupconfig

Step 6: Replace string content in /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/modules/org/gatein/sso/main/module.xml to reflect reference to latest jar file josso-ldap-identitystore-7.1.1-1.jar.

 sed -i -e 's/josso-ldap-identitystore-gwpatch-7.1.0.jar/josso-ldap-identitystore-7.1.1-1.jar/g' '/usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/modules/org/gatein/sso/main/module.xml'

Step 7: Remove old jar file and virtual link.

 rm -rf /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/WEB-INF/lib/josso-ldap-identitystore-gwpatch-7.1.0.jar

Step 8: Copying new jar file into proper location.

cp -f josso-ldap-identitystore-7.1.1-1.jar  /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/WEB-INF/lib

Step 9:  Create virtual link to jar.

ln -s -f /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/WEB-INF/lib/josso-ldap-identitystore-7.1.1-1.jar /usr/local/groundwork/jpp/modules/org/gatein/sso/main/

Step 10:   Start GW services

/usr/local/groundwork/ start gwservices

Manual Rollback Instructions

Step 1: Stop Groundwork

/usr/local/groundwork/ stop gwservices

Step 2: Remove upgraded jar

rm -rf /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/WEB-INF/lib/josso-ldap-identitystore-7.1.1-1.jar

Step 3: Restore module.xml

cp -f gwbackupconfig/module.xml /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/modules/org/gatein/sso/main

Step 4: Restore ldap jar file

cp -f gwbackupconfig/josso-ldap-identitystore-gwpatch-7.1.0.jar  /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/WEB-INF/lib

Step 5: Create virtual link to jar file

ln -s -f /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/josso-1.8.4/webapps/josso/WEB-INF/lib/josso-ldap-identitystore-gwpatch-7.1.0.jar /usr/local/groundwork/jpp/modules/org/gatein/sso/main/

Step 6: Start Groundwork Services

/usr/local/groundwork/ start gwservices


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