GWME-7.1.0-4 - Downtime scheduling patch


The downtime scheduling tools deny access to users who are in more than one membership.

This issue was tracked in GWMON-12486.


We have provided an updated war file which fixed the access issue.

Download the patch and extract it into place:

Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
ZIP Archive TB7.1.0-4.rstools.tgz 17.68 MB NotSupportContact-Mark Carey Oct 06, 2016 17:42 MD5SUM: 4ea7e4cd67eb7982b13a02a54232cba0  
tar czvf 7.1.0.nms-rstools.orig.tgz \
  /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/standalone/deployments/nms-rstools.war \
  /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/rstools/php \
rm -rf /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/standalone/deployments/nms-rstools.war \
  /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/rstools/php \
tar xvf TB7.1.0-4.rstools.tgz -C /
su - nagios -c "touch /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/standalone/deployments/nms-rstools.war.dodeploy"
su - nagios -c "/usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/rstools/php/bsmCheck/protected/yiic migrate --interactive=0"


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