GWME-7.1.0-3 - Token management


Some applications or customer code which use the REST API do not always logout and release their authorization tokens. Eventually the number of available tokens is exhausted and subsequent token requests fail causing the UI to become unavailable or applications to display errors.

This issue was tracked in GWMON-12686 & GWMON-12580


We have provided an updated war file which forces the expiration of all tokens when the max limit is reached. Also an entry is logged when this happens to show which applications were using the tokens that were expired and how many.

Download the patch and extract it into place:

Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
ZIP Archive 19.94 MB NotSupportContact-Mark Carey Oct 06, 2016 17:26    
single jboss instructions
tar czvf \
tar xvf -C /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp/standalone/deployments/
su - nagios -c "touch /usr/local/groundwork/jpp/standalone/deployments/foundation-webapp.war.dodeploy"
dual jboss instructions
tar czvf \
tar xvf -C /usr/local/groundwork/foundation/container/jpp2/standalone/deployments/
su - nagios -c "touch /usr/local/groundwork/jpp2/standalone/deployments/foundation-webapp.war.dodeploy"


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