What are some tips for planning my monitoring


Q: What are some tips to plan your monitoring?
A: This page provides tips to plan your monitoring.

Equipment and Metrics

The first step for any monitoring solution is to decide on what equipment to monitor in your environment and what metrics you would like to collect. To get started, we suggest answering the following strategic questions:

  • What are the most critical applications or services for your organization?
  • What are the most frequent problem areas to be addressed with monitoring?
  • Do you have monitoring currently in place? If so, what is it currently handling?
  • What IT initiatives outside of monitoring might inform future device or coverage requirements?
  • What dashboards would have the biggest impact for your environment, (e.g., Executive Summary, NOC, Virtualization)?

You will also want to take time to think of these tactical and informational questions:

  • Device types and breakdown (e.g., number of Linux/Windows servers).
  • Do you have SNMP enabled?
  • Is your environment discoverable? Do you have any firewall restrictions (ACLs) or intrusion detection that would prevent discovery via SNMP, ping, CDP, etc.
  • Do you have DNS and NTP configured?

While GroundWork Monitor does have the capability to discover your network, we highly suggest starting small with your initial configuration so that you can explore your monitoring options without being overwhelmed.

To get started, make a list that includes the name, IP, OS, and type of device. Please download the attached GroundWork Monitor Planning.xlsx spreadsheet for suggested fields to capture. At this point, you want to capture your key devices and group them into categories based on Operating System or Device Type. For the servers, you may also want to group them into profile categories that match their function (e.g., Apache web servers in a group ApacheWeb). You can also add dependencies. For example, if you know that a server is attached to a top of rack switch, you can put that switch as a "Parent" to the server in the spreadsheet. Again, this is optional information, but it is good to be as complete as you can in this preliminary step.

Monitoring Decisions

Once you have identified the devices you would like to be monitored, you need to make a decision on how to monitor them. While GroundWork’s flexibility allows for many different ways to monitor each device, we suggest the following recommended monitoring methods:

Device Type Suggested Monitoring Method
Server (Windows, Linux, Solaris) GDMA
Network Cacti, NeDi
VMware (vCenter) CloudHub
Amazon AWS CloudHub
NetApp CloudHub
Cloudera CloudHub
OpenStack CloudHub
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization CloudHub
Docker CloudHub
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