Quick Start


The goal of this quick start is for you to quickly see your IT in the latest release of GroundWork Monitor, actively monitoring, and sending alert notifications. Please refer to the Bookshelf in its entirety for detailed product documentation.

Number 2 icon Install

Let's install 7.2.1,

You'll get the prerequisites checked off, download the installer, and run a GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.2.1 installation. Then, decide what equipment to monitor and what metrics to collect.

let's install...

Number 2 icon Configure

configure monitoring,

Next you'll configure GDMA, a lightweight agent installed on the server to be monitored, Cloud Hub for VMware, and set up network monitoring using Cacti. And, you'll want to set up notifications using NoMa to connect the alerts that occur when monitors detect failure or over limit conditions to effective communications with configured contacts.

let's configure...

Number 3 icon Monitor

& see what's going on!

Now you can take a look at the status of your infrastructure, view incoming events, and acknowledge any notifications.

let's see...


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