How to use both RRD and InfluxDB



GroundWork Monitor can be configured to send performance data to multiple time series databases (e.g., InfluxDB and RRD). This provides a transitional path for GroundWork upgrades for example. To use both RRD and InfluxDB use the following grafbridge-control options.

  • This option configures GroundWork performance data to be sent to both RRD and InfluxDB:
    -tsdb rrd,influxdb
  • Either -rendering client: This configures GroundWork to display InfluxDB data in Grafana graphs:
    cd /usr/local/groundwork/grafana/scripts
    ./grafbridge-control -tsdb rrd,influxdb -rendering client -restart
    If RRD data is found, an RRD graph will also be displayed in the Host Availability & Performance Measurement and Service Availability & Performance Measurement sections of Status.
    To change the Grafana graphs to have the step-like style of RRD graphs, in /usr/local/groundwork/grafana/public/dashboards/gwdashgen.js, change steppedLine: true.
  • Or -rendering server: This configures GroundWork to display RRD data in RRD graphs:
    cd /usr/local/groundwork/grafana/scripts
    ./grafbridge-control -tsdb rrd,influxdb -rendering server -restart


rrd rrd Delete
influxdb influxdb Delete
tsdb tsdb Delete
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