How to search console events



The Search Events feature enables filtering of events independently or on top of any applied filters from the left side panel.

A user can indicate a device name and/or message content to be searched. Also, a date and time range can be set to search only those events matching an indicated preset time (e.g., Last 10 Minutes) or a selected calendar date range. Entering more than one parameter (e.g., Host, Message, and Data-Time Range) results in a logical AND type search where all parameters are included in the search results. Using more than one parameter will help narrow down the search.

In addition, a user can search by Severity, OpStatus (Operation Status), and MonStatus (Monitor Status.

  1. In the Search Events area indicate the search parameters for Host which can be the host name or IP Address, Messages is any part of an event message, and Severity, OpStatus (Operation Status), and MonStatus (Monitor Status) can be selected from the drop-down options.
  2. Select the Search button. The events matching the search criteria will be displayed. Selecting Reset button will remove all previously set search criteria and returns to the filtered events.

    Figure: All Open Events, Message cpu, MonStatus Critical
    Searching console events


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