How to register for GroundWork certification


Q: How to register for GroundWork certification?
A: Registration should be made by the actual certification candidate with time allotted for the completion of both parts within one week. If you would like to register please email Please include your Name, Company, and desired start date (please indicate month).

More about GroundWork certification

The GroundWork Certified System Administrator (GWCSA) certification is awarded to participants upon completion of the GroundWork System Administrator Training (or equivalent knowledge), and passing of the GWCSA certification exam. The GWCSA exam tests the core system administrator knowledge and skills of the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise product.


  • The exam is administered the first Monday of every month by registration.
  • The certification is a two-part self-paced questionnaire and live system exam with indicated start and completion dates. You will have one week from your start date to submit your certification for review. GroundWork training resources are available to you through your support account access.
  • The exam uses the latest version of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise, currently 7.2.1, with bonus opportunities for anything not covered in class.

Exam Modules

  • PART I: Comprehensive Questionnaire - Part I is an online exam with approximately 150 questions of mixed format including true/false, fill-in, multiple-choice and matching. For Part I, a score of 80% is required for certification. The approximate time for completion is 2 hours, this part needs to be completed in one session
  • PART II: Comprehensive Hands-on Lab - Part II is a live-system exam requiring performance of logically sequenced monitoring tasks. The assignment is to create a complete monitoring solution with alerting to email, scheduled downtime, monitors using various requested methods with results viewable in Status, Event Console, Graphs, and other applications. Upon completion, an email is sent by the participant allowing the examiner to cause error conditions to occur in the monitored space. It is important to make sure that all the requirements are configured properly before submitting results. In time, the deployed system must produce an alerting email correctly identifying what failed, respect downtime, gather trend data, and validate Status view, Event Console and other applications. A score of 80% is required for certification. Completeness of the monitoring requested and detection of the failure induced in the target systems (this is 20% of the score). The approximate time for completion is 8-12 hours, the participant may log in and out of the exam machines as many times as needed during the one week period. We will score both parts of the exam and notify the participant of the results within 5 business days.


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