How to persistent Grafana dashboard



This page reviews how to keep a dashboard open indefinitely. By default, a GroundWork Grafana dashboard left open in a browser will be automatically logged out when it's associated GroundWork portal session ends. In some cases, such as Network Operation Center dashboards for example, the dashboard needs to stay open indefinitely, even if the portal session has ended. This behavior can be achieved by following the steps below.

  1. Log into GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator (e.g., admin/admin).
  2. Go to Dashboards > Grafana.
  3. To log in as the Grafana Administrator, click the Grafana icon Grafana icon, click Sign In. The default credentials are admin/admin.
  4. Click the Grafana icon Grafana icon, and select Data Sources.
  5. Click the Add data source button.
  6. Create a new GroundWork data source with the following parameters:
    Name: (e.g., GroundWork NOC)
    Type: GroundWork
    URL: GroundWork server URL
    Password: RESTAPIACCESSREADER token (encrypted)
    Persist: Ensure the Persist Grafana dashboards outside of portal option is checked

    Figure: Data sources
    Data sources
  7. Use this new data source in all panels of the dashboard that you want to stay open indefinitely.

    Figure: Set panels
    Set panels


persistent persistent Delete
grafana grafana Delete
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