How to parent child configuration



GroundWork child servers can be configured to send performance data to the GroundWork parent.

Contact GroundWork Support for assistance with Parent/Child setup.

Following the Parent/Child setup is sufficient and no other special steps are required. After the setup, the performance data feeder on the Child will have been configured to send performance data to the Parent, where it is then written to the Parent's time series database (e.g., InfluxDB) in operation.

In this configuration, performance data from the Child will only be available on the Parent. To make the performance data from the Parent's InfluxDB visible on the Child too, simply change the URL property value in the Child server's /usr/local/groundwork/config/ file to point to the Parent. This will cause InfluxDB data to be read from the Parent for rendering in Status Grafana graphs on the Child.

This process also applies to Parent/Child with SSL enabled.


parent parent Delete
child child Delete
performance performance Delete
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