How to add a portal page



Custom portal pages can be added to the GroundWork portal. Portal page administration is managed by a Portal Administrator (e.g., root/root).

A Portal (e.g., GroundWork Monitor) contains Pages (e.g., Dashboards, Status, Event Console, custom pages) which contain various Portlets (e.g., Host Information, GroundWork IFrame). The GroundWork Monitor portal is built using Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform 6 which means that you can build additional web pages to customize and extend the portal and manage user access control.

In GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1 the Iframe portlet does not scale to full height. To fix this issue, apply the roll-up patch installer version 7.2.2-gw4033 or later. See: Once applied you can follow the steps below to load the registry (which loads the new portlet) and create a portal page using the IFrame portlet.
Load Registry
  1. After applying the patch mentioned in the note above, login as portal root user.
  2. Hover over Group on the toolbar and select Portal Administration, then Application Registry.
  3. In the resulting page, find and click the Import Applications button. Confirm any prompt you get.
Create a Portal Page

In the example below, we create a new top level portal page with the GroundWork IFrame portlet and insert a Grafana graph.

  1. As portal root user, click Site in the toolbar and hover over Site Editor, and select Add New Page.
  2. Important: Check to see that the Selected Page Node reads the location of where you want the new portal page. Important: If you want it at the top level, click the green arrow to go to the /default top position.
  3. Enter a Node Name (no spaces) and a Display Name (this will be displayed in the menu, spaces are permitted), click Next.
  4. Select Empty Layout, click Next.
  5. Select the Containers tab, and drag the One Row option over to the left panel.
  6. Select the Applications tab, scroll down and select the Web category, and drag the GroundWork IFrame  portlet (not IFrame) into the row container.
  7. Next, to edit the portlet URL setting in the portlet, mouse over the GroundWork IFrame portlet title and select the pencil icon. Replace the existing URL with one of your choice. In this example we use a Grafana share link, e.g., Other settings can be made using the other tabs if you wish.
  8. Click Save and Close.
  9. And don't forget, in the upper right corner select the Save icon. Your new page should be displayed.

    Figure: IFrame portlet URL

    Figure: New portal page
    New portal page


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