GWME-7.2.1-00 Rollup Patch Details


The 7.2.1 Rollup Patch installer includes fixes for issues in several areas, including the GroundWork Foundation database, the downtime scheduler, NoMa notification, NOCBoard dashboard, LDAP integration, and also the SLA Dashboard and reporting tools.

A full listing of all the changed files on the system appears at the end of this article. The following is a description of the main issues that are addressed by applying the Rollup Patch installer version 7.2.2-gw4114. Note that this list will change as we release new versions.

Changes from 7.2.2-4114

Status Viewer Spinner Changes
  • GWMON-13511
    GroundWork Status Viewer screens have a "spinner", or an indication that the web application is updating data. This is now optional. You may set the spinner inactive in

    The default will be disabled when you apply 7.2.2-gw4114.

Path Issues with RStools
  • GWMON-13512: Can not delete downtimes
    Some scheduled downtime items were still are shown as "Active" even when they are not "recurring". This patch allows you to delete a downtime in any state, at any time.
LogMessageWindow changes for NOCBoard Initialization
    These changes to the sliding window algorithm were needed to allow the NOCBoard to initialize efficiently. You may notice better performance of the NOCBoard after this patch is applied.

Changes from default install made by prior versions

Feeder Changes

GroundWork Nagios and Cacti feeder programs have been updated in this patch to fix a few minor issues. Please see: for a description. The fact that the feeders are patched in the roll-up means that it’s not necessary to apply both the rollup-patch and the TB 7.2.1-02. Here is a list of the changes made:

  • GWMON-13428 logging improvements recommended for the event feeder
  • GWMON-13429 certain Nagios events are not recorded in Foundation
  • GWMON-13419 status feeder dies due to empty timestamp from Foundation
  • GWMON-13412 status feeder sometimes sends current timestamp to parent as check time
SLA Dashboard Fixes
  • GWMON-13452: Inappropriate formatting of BSM service-check text (minor typo)
  • GWMON-13450: SLA Dashboards and the availability graphs show pending for services that are actually OK (major fix for an issue that was apparent on newly added BSM services)
  • RSTOOL-431 - Create command "yiic maintenance cleanpastaudittrail --days=$audit_trail_retention_days" (this is the pre-requisite for TB7.2.1-04, and the reason you need the roll-up patch installed before that TB)
  • RSTOOL-428 - When Contract has non existing Service then the Event Tab Crashes for all Contracts and the specific Contract
  • RSTOOL-430 - Add SafeDown to migration m180711_170923_reprocessflagPrimeryKey
  • RSTOOL-388 - Add check box on Dashboard Create/Update screen: Show on dashboard carousel
  • RSTOOL-433 - generated TAR contains no directory structure
  • RSTOOL-434 - On Configuration Reports/List commands externals are not found when entering search patterns for services or hosts
  • RSTOOL-399 - Calendar update/create will not close the dialog after save on empty calendar
  • RSTOOL-401 - Slash in the servicename causes trouble with right click on widgets
  • RSTOOL-403 - The frame of the widgets must not be shown if its a box, image, text or status widget
  • RSTOOL-404 - Add Downtime - Calendar, autocomplete (host and service, hostgroup, servicegroup) and Repeat - JavaScript not working on IE 11
New features on SLA dashboards
  • RSTOOL-350 - grouping of widget with right click
Improvements to SLA dashboards
  • RSTOOL-391 - Purge Job for downtimeschedule table
  • RSTOOL-395 - Remove default Calendars for new Installations - Only "Default" Calendar (without holidays) will be created.
  • RSTOOL-408 - State priorities like nagvis
  • RSTOOL-411 - Host and hostgroup including service status summary should sort hosts/services in popover also for service status
  • RSTOOL-383 - The Cronjob writes to the command pipe (External Command) of nagios even when nagios is not started - This results in downtimes not starting
  • RSTOOL-396 - When the cronjob for downtimes can't start (REST API or Database down) downtimes will not be correctly scheduled.
  • RSTOOL-397 - Maintenance - Remove Unused Service is throwing an error when the entered Search string starts with a number
  • RSTOOL-398 - Maintenance - Service Cleanup, after selecting some services and clicking on "Delete selected" there is an error displayed. The services are not deleted.
NOCBoard Fixes

The relatively new NOCBoard dashboard is documented here:
This development is still in progress, so we didn’t release 7.2.1 with the NOCBoard enabled. If you do set it up, though, you will appreciate the fixes that went in since release, and are included in the roll-up patch installer:

  • GWMON-13383 Ensured default value for availability window is within availability range (minor fix to default value that was not obviously wrong)
  • GWMON-13406 Added “window” capability to define scope of improved state transition queries against logmessage records in Foundation
API/Foundation Fixes

These issues were resolved in most cases to enhance performance, but also to support features for acknowledging and commenting on hosts and services from more places in the user interface:

  • GWMON-13465 RAPID - Add GW8 nagios_performance_info() API Support
  • GWMON-13464 RAPID - Support GW8 Foundation API Conventions
  • GWMON-13463 Version REST API Returning Incorrect JSON Payload
  • GWMON-13461 hostgroup membership is sometimes not processed correctly by Foundation API
  • GWMON-13460 REST call fetch of servicegroup returns no info on a host for each included service
  • GWMON-13448 Hostnames Containing Colon Breaking Service Caching
Status Viewer Fixes

Some minor issues with the Status view were addressed:

  • GWMON-13442 Availability graphs sometimes show no data
  • GWMON-13441 Activity Graphs in Status Viewer Broken When LogMessage Window Enabled
  • GWMON-13447 Map LDAP groups to GW Roles (fixes for LDAP mapping issues)
  • GWMON-13477 Correct inaccurate % uptime reporting in NOCBoard dashboard
Cloud Hub Fixes

We made some additional features available in the Cloud Hub that the roll-up patch includes. There are some fixes there as well.

  • GROUNDWORK-9 Amazon connector: Added support for Elastic Load Balancers
LDAP fixes
  • GWMON-13501 LDAP Aggregator Logic fix to allow group name and role name to be identical, when mapping is performed only in the file.
Monarch fixes
  • GWMON-13509 Monarch logic fixes to interpret Service Template and Instance check commands and arguments correctly, as well as to provide proper inheritance/local instance assignment of the template details. Previous code allowed a non check command to be passed to Nagios which would then fail to run anything. Also documented the need to have a "time_period" for the service check other than "None" which by itself disables running Freshness check. This patch includes migration scripting to clear out any improper instance arguments and the like.
Iframe Portlet Issue
  • GWMON-13506 The GroundWork Iframe Portlet operation is repaired to address two issues, a message to screen about loading page error and the underlying write method which prompts the error message. Changing to use innerHTML instead of document.write() makes the page write less costly and less likely to hit the error message. Suppressing the error message in the nonsensical case (a very complex page may take a long time to paint) completes the fix.


Here’s a list of all the modifications made by this version:

# Copyright (c) 2018 GroundWork, Inc. (  All rights reserved.
# Use of this software is subject to commercial license terms.
# Patch installer edit version files manifest.
# Line syntax: <file|folder|.> <source folder> <install folder>
nms-rstools.war monitor-apps/rstools/target jpp/standalone/deployments
php monitor-apps/rstools/target/rstools foundation/container/rstools enterprise-foundation/collagefeeder/scripts foundation/feeder enterprise-foundation/collagefeeder/scripts foundation/feeder enterprise-foundation/collagefeeder/scripts foundation/feeder enterprise-foundation/collagefeeder/scripts foundation/feeder enterprise-foundation/collagefeeder/scripts foundation/feeder enterprise-foundation/collagefeeder/scripts foundation/feeder
. agents/cloudhub/src/profiles config/cloudhub/profile-templates
. agents/cloudhub/src/profiles core/vema/profiles
security.jar (needs specifics), see GWMON-13501


ad ad Delete
ldap ldap Delete
active active Delete
directory directory Delete
openldap openldap Delete
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