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This page reviews how to visualize and analyze the monitoring of your Quick Start configurations for GDMA, Cloud Hub, and Cacti, and review notifications you should now be receiving. For common questions please see Quick Start FAQs. Please refer to the Bookshelf in its entirety for detailed product documentation. If you need help contact GroundWork Support.


You should see the new GDMA hosts in the Auto-Registration hostgroup within the Status application.

  • The services will start out as Pending (blue), but should change to OK (green), Critical (red), or Warning (yellow).
  • If all services on a host show as Warning Stale Status, the GDMA may be having trouble sending results to the GroundWork server.

    Figure: GDMA monitoring in Status
    GDMA monitoring in Status

Cloud Hub

  • After adding a connection, within a few minutes you should see the VMware hosts begin to be added to the Status viewer tree and see events coming from VMware in the Event Console.


  • After adding a threshold, to view devices go to Status and select the cactigroup hostgroup.


  • Notifications will be sent based on the directives set in the notification rule. The notification example email below shows the host ad-demo service windows-net in a CRITICAL state. The Link: will be active and (if logged in) will go directly into the Status application for this device where you can acknowledge and or apply actions.

    Figure: Example NoMa email notification

    *** NoMa ***
    ID: 7
    Notification Type: PROBLEM
    Service: windows_net
    Host: ad-demo
    Host Alias: ad-demo
    State: CRITICAL
    Link: http://docs.groundwork.groundworkopensource.com/portal-statusviewer/urlmap?host=ad-demo&service=windows_net
    Info: A valid MODE and/or SUBMODE must be specified

    Date/Time: Thu Aug 24 08:53:29 2018
  • The Logs tab displays NoMa notifications. This list is accessible during runtime and displays alerts with status information in the order they are generated. The boxes at the top of the list enable filtering by content for any of the columns, for instance you can enter "Service" for the Check type or a recipient's name under Recipient to filter by a specific notification recipient.

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