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This page outlines quick start steps to install GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.2.1.

Before installation please see System Requirements. For tips regarding what equipment to monitor and monitoring decisions see What are some tips for planning my monitoring. Please refer to the Bookshelf in its entirety for detailed product documentation. If you need help contact GroundWork Support.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1 installer file.
  2. Copy the downloaded installer run file to the GroundWork server.
  3. As sudo user or root user, add execute privileges to the installer file:
    chmod +x groundworkenterprise-7.2.1-br494-gw3901-linux-64-installer.run
  4. Then run the installer and follow the prompts:
  5. After the install is complete, log into the portal with default GroundWork Administrator credentials admin/admin.

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