Service Ping

Service Ping Profile

This Profile monitors a remote server via ICMP.

Services Configuration
  • Service - Definitions in Monarch are stored under this name.
  • Command Line - Service command name with arguments to be passed to the plugin.
  • Plugin Command Line - Plugin script called by Nagios for this Service.
  • Extended Info - The Extended Service Info definition, typically used for generating graphs.
    Command lines displayed below are intended to be single line commands.
    Service Command Line Plugin Command Line Extended Info
    icmp_ping_alive check_alive $USER1$/check_icmp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w 3000.0,80% -c 5000.0,100% -n 1 number_graph
Profile Package

This package includes the following files:

Profile Definitions

  • service-profile-service-ping.xml
  • perfconfig-service-ping.xml

Plugins Scripts

  • check_icmp

Performance Graphing Programs

  • number_graph.cgi

GroundWork Monitor includes many monitoring profiles for a variety of devices, systems and applications. Profiles already imported on a new GroundWork installation include Service Ping, SNMP Network, and SSH UNIX. The GroundWork Monitor Configuration tool is used to import updated Profiles and Profiles that require additional setup; the Profile XML file and its companion Performance Configuration definition file. Services can also be imported in addition to Service Profiles in the Profile Importer. The import process is documented under GROUNDWORK PROFILES > How to import profiles.


This section contains detail settings used by this Profile. These parameters can be altered with the Configuration tool.

Command Parameters

Command parameters are in the Configuration Services section with the following names and default values.


  • Pings Host address.
  • Default warning threshold is 3 seconds or 80% packet loss. This is set on the Check Command definition.
  • Default critical threshold is 5 seconds or 100% packet loss. This is set on the Check Command definition.
Performance Graphing Parameters

The following parameters are used to generate performance charts. These parameters are set using the Configuration>Performance tool in GroundWork Monitor.


  • Graphs ICMP echo response time.
  • Nagios service description must contain the string icmp_ping_alive.
Implementation Notes


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