SCOM Feeder Overview


This page reviews the SCOM Feeder.




1.0 About SCOM Feeder

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) allows system and application administrators to monitor the operations, services, devices and applications of many computers within the enterprise through a single management console.

The GroundWork SCOM feeder integrates SCOM 2012 events into GroundWork Monitor through a highly configurable set of rules.

2.0 SCOM Feeder Architecture

The SCOM feeder is an add-on to the standard GroundWork Monitor system and consists of five main components:

  • A GroundWork System Center Integration Pack (aka a runbook), which transposes SCOM events to XML files
  • SCOM event XML files generated by a Powershell runbook
  • A GroundWork application called the SCOM Reaper which watches for new SCOM event XML files and injects them into a GroundWork SCOM events database
  • A GroundWork RAPID-based SCOM feeder application which watches for new SCOM events in the GroundWork SCOM events databases and processes each one into GroundWork system(s). Currently it supports only SCOM version 2012.

    Figure: SCOM Feeder Architecture

All components work together to integrate SCOM events into GroundWork. Similar to other RAPID-based feeders, the SCOM feeder can feed to and from any number of GroundWork systems.

For more information regarding SCOM operations and configuration please contact GroundWork Support.


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