This section reviews the various monitoring and management reporting options available in GroundWork Monitor.

GroundWork Reports - A set of predefined service level reports available for immediate report generation and visibility into IT service levels. These standard availability and status reports are viewable in GroundWork Monitor through the integrated BIRT Report Viewer:

  • Availability Reports - Host Availability, Host Group Availability, Host State Transitions, and Service State Transitions reports.
  • Event Reports - Event History and the Event History Overview reports.
  • Enterprise Performance Reports - Host, Host Group, Host Group Top Five, Host Multi Variable, and Host Group Multi Variable. These reports are based on aggregated performance statistics collected on a daily basis in the Foundation database. 
  • Status Reports - Host Group Status and Host Status reports.

Performance View - Displays graphs of any and all performance data collected by the system.

Insight Reports -  Capture both real-time and historical data about system availability and performance which allows viewing of weekly trends for total Alerts, Notifications, Outages, and top measurement data for Hosts, Services, Host Groups, etc.

For detailed information expand  Reporting in the navigation pane or select from the links below:


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