How to view shared dashboards



GroundWork Monitor standard system dashboards can be displayed by selecting Dashboards. These shared dashboards include; Summary, Trouble View, Monitoring, System View, Enterprise View, Virtualization View, and Hit List. For the new Grafana feature see ?About GrafBridge. Shared dashboards are created and edited by a portal administrator (e.g., root/root). Administrators can allow access to a particular subset or individual pages or sub-pages of the monitored infrastructure to specific users. Below, we discuss the seven default GroundWork Monitor shared dashboards.


This dashboard uses the Quick Navigation portlet and displays topic links to various areas within GroundWork Monitor. It also uses the NetworkServicePlugin portlet instance which lists the components installed and product version information. You may want to eventually re-configure this dashboard with company specific information that needs to be easily accessed.

Figure: Summary View

Trouble View

This dashboard displays the portlets; Events: Entire Network, Host Status: Entire Network, Service Status: Entire Network, Troubled Hosts: Entire Network, and Troubled Services: Entire Network providing an at-a-glance view of events with actions ability, host and service summaries, troubled host and service lists with drill-down capability, and the option to acknowledge alerts.

Figure: Trouble View

Monitoring View

This Monitoring Performance portlet displays statistics for the entire monitoring system in a series of gauges. The first gauge measures Service Latency in seconds (time interval between the input and response), Service Execution measures the number of seconds for check execution, and the Service Checks gauge measures the number of checks performed per minute. Also included are the portlets Recent State Changes for host availability and Performance Measurement graphs.

Figure: Monitoring View

System View

The System View dashboard displays troubled hosts and services for the entire network and an additional portlet showing the Views application, a visualization add-on for Nagios.

Figure: System View

Enterprise View

The Enterprise View dashboard displays three portlets; Seurat View (Host Group Snapshot: Entire Network), Host Group Status, Service Group Status and Event Pies. The top portlet shows color coded status of hosts for the entire network with drill-down capability and can be sorted using the drop-down by Host Name, Status or by Last State Change. The blinking icons represent any host or service that has not been acknowledged, you can select the arrow to show a status indicator legend. Additionally, the two host group and service group summaries offer drill-down capability and the event tiles displays open events by host group.

Figure: Enterprise View

Virtualization View

The Virtualization View dashboard displays the VMware environment including totals for virtual machines, hypervisors, datastores, and networks. Hovering over each of the category elements will list the totals for the various alerts and selecting each element links you to the Status detail. Further down you can view the top CPU performance and top memory usage for VMware hosts, and a list of events with hover and drill-down capabilities.

Figure: Virtualization View

Hit List

The Hit List dashboard displays immediate totals for host and service problems in various states. This view offers direct element links to the Status application where users can view detailed information and acknowledge alerts.

  • Host Problems provides totals for hosts in specific states including Down and Unacknowledged, Down and Acknowledged, Host Scheduled Down, and Host Unreachable.
  • Service Problems (Hosts Up) gives a quick look at service problem totals for hosts in an UP state, service states include Critical and Unacknowledged, Warning and Unacknowledged, Critical and Acknowledged, and Warning and Acknowledged.
  • Service Problems (Hosts Down) displays a quick look at service problem totals for hosts in a DOWN state, service states include Critical on Down Hosts, and Warning on Down Hosts.

Figure: Hit List View


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