How to use Includes and Excludes filters in NoMa



In the Hosts and Services section of a notification rule, you can specifically indicate which hosts, host groups, services, service groups and recipients are to be included or excluded.

The default " * " wildcard character indicates "all" possibilities, (e.g., all hosts). Any include fields that are empty are assigned an implicit " * " and will automatically match all possibilities.

In specifying comma-separated lists of hosts, hostgroups, services, servicegroups, or recipients for inclusion or exclusion filtering, '*' can be used as a multi-character wildcard and '?' can be used as a single-character wildcard, within any particular item in such a list. For Hosts and Services fields, typing a host name and pressing Tab will display a list of valid hosts and services.

An applied include constraint will only allow the notification rule to pass if the host or service belongs to at least one of the listed hostgroups or servicegroups. Conversely, an applied exclude constraint will only allow the notification rule to pass if the host or service does not belong to any of the listed hostgroups or servicegroups.

This page describes an example notification rule with host configuration for two hosts, applied includes and excludes filters, and the notification results.

Host Configuration
  Host 1 Host 2
Host mysql-lnxsrv01 mysql-lnxsrv02
Hostgroup(s) mysql, linux-servers mysql, linux-servers
Service (desc)
MySQL Service
MySQL Query Cache Hitrate

Host and Services Filters
  Includes Excludes
Hostgroup mysql  
Servicegroup mysql-svcs  
Service   mysql query*

Notification Results

For Host 1 the rule matches and the notification is sent. For Host 2 the rule does not match and the notification is not sent to members of this notification rule.

  Host 1 Host 2
Hostgroup Matches include
Matches include
Servicegroup Matches include
Matches include
Service   Matches exclude
Notification sent? Yes


noma noma Delete
includes includes Delete
excludes excludes Delete
filters filters Delete
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